''Everything's very perfectly balanced; for all the horrible things in the world there's lots of good things''


Eat Read Love

Oops, I made some bread of the garlic, rosemary variety.

Grain Free Pesto Flatbread for the “My Paleo Patisserie” cookbook, coming October 2014.

Mexico City or Distrito Federal (Federal District) as it is known by mexicans, DF for short,  is a vibrant place filled with history, culture and passion. Today I start #ExploringDF my attempt to show Mexico City through my eyes, showing a maybe unkown face of this gorgeous and highly underrated city. 
Through out the next two months I’ll be posting some of my favorite nooks of the city. Today I start with La Panaderia Havre, excellent pastries and coffee in a gorgeous looking space. Their scones are a particular treat. 
Havre 73 Col. Juarez, Cuauhtemoc.